The Fifty Club of Fishers is enormously proud to support our local Fishers Fire Department, as well as the local heroes it employs. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the men and women of the Fishers Fire Department – to help them and their families in times of need just as they make a difference in the lives of those they are dedicated to protect.

About the Fishers Fire Department

The Fishers Fire Department has a long, proud history of supporting Fishers residents and keeping our community safe. Founded in 1955 as the Fishers Community Volunteer Fire Department, the department operated on an all-volunteer basis for nearly 35 years. In 1989, the department began a transition to a full-career department, thus ending the rich history of the FCVF to embark on a new journey of serving the Fishers community.

Since the transition from an all-volunteer department became complete in the early 1990s, the Fishers Fire Department has grown to employ a force of over 120 career firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics. The scope of the department’s coverage area has grown as well, spanning more than fifty square miles both inside and surrounding the City of Fishers. Now, seven fire stations provide a wide variety of services to the individuals, families, and businesses that reside within. Fishers Fire Department has been nationally accredited since 2004.

Fishers Fire Department Services

Our local Fishers Fire Department provides firefighting services to all within its service area. However, the department offers numerous other essential fire services important to Fishers residents, including fire suppression and rescue as well as fire prevention and investigation. Other emergency services include EMS, life support, search and rescue, water rescue and recovery, and more.

The Fishers Fire Department offers non-emergency services as well, including non-emergency calls for support, crucial local education for all ages, and a community special needs registry.

New Growth

In 2020, the Fishers Fire Department announced the opening of a new Fire Station 91 Headquarters Building on Municipal Drive as well as the construction of Fire Station 93 on Allisonville Road. The Headquarters building opened in June and houses major components such as medic truck, tactical truck, inflatable boats, and Rehab Support Unit as well as engine and ladder trucks and battalion leadership. Fire Station 93 opened in September 2020 and houses an engine and ladder, as well as the support personnel.

This new growth allows Fishers Fire Department to respond more quickly to an ever-expanding region of responsibility. In this way, the FFD is assisting more Fishers-area individuals in need than ever before. The Fifty Club of Fishers supports them in this mission and will continue in our efforts to support department members’ quality of life for years to come after their service is over.

When you commit to becoming a Fifty Club of Fishers member, you support the brave men and women of the Fishers Fire Department. Contact us for more information today.

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